Friday, September 18, 2015

Start with No?

Here's one chapter in the book "Getting Real" (37 signal)
full book:

Start With No


Don't be a yes-man

Make each feature work hard to be implemented. Make each feature prove itself and show that it's a survivor. It's like "Fight Club." You should only consider features if they're willing to stand on the porch for three days waiting to be let in.

That's why you start with no. Every new feature request that comes to us — or from us — meets a no. We listen but don't act. The initial response is "not now." If a request for a feature keeps coming back, that's when we know it's time to take a deeper look. Then, and only then, do we start considering the feature for real.

And what do you say to people who complain when you won't adopt their feature idea? Remind them why they like the app in the first place. "You like it because we say no. You like it because it doesn't do 100 other things. You like it because it doesn't try to please everyone all the time."

Don't say so in an interview, interviewer may not understand the point without sufficient context >.<
They may misunderstand you to be a lazy, always-no man.

I've burned the book....

USCIS case tracking service upgraded


Now, you can get notification if adjacent case status changed.