Thursday, March 12, 2015

dj-mongo-reader: A Django application for fast implementing MongoDB-based data rending


ReadMe and example appliction:


dj-mongo-reader is a Django application can be used to query MongoDB via AJAX requests and render result with several customization options.


  • Install from PyPi pip install dj-mongo-reader


    1. Able to send find, count, collstats commands to MongoDB via designated URL
    2. Basic HTML pages included, only few code is needed to work with your existing CSS framework
    3. Pagination implemented, you can customize record number show in each page
    4. Permission check, you can deny a data fetching request based on user's permission and the query(database, collection, command, criteria).
    5. Pick up some keys of the record to fill the table, leave complete record in detail dialog
    6. Assign display names for keys in MongoDB record
    7. value transformation, you can provide Javascript callback functions to process raw value data from MongoDB to a proper text for displaying


    A Django application runs on heroku.
    • Functionality: A query form and result table included.
    • UI: Bootstrap 3 applied.
    Source code Please see example folder


    1, screenshot of heroku example application

    2, screenshot of an application using dj-mongo-reader in production

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