Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nginx upload module vs Flask


Ubuntu 12.04 32bit
Nginx 1.1.19 (HTTP server)

Flask 0.9 (light python framework)
Gevent: 1.0rc2 (coroutine I/O)
Gunicorn 0.17.2 (WSGI server)

Nginx setting

Nginx listen to port 8666
serves requests to URL /upload
and also work as a reverse proxy to Flask which serve requests on port 8222

Server code

server application run in 5 worker mode with Gunicorn + Gevent
gunicorn -k gevent -b -w 5 t:app

Test code

start N threads, and upload file to the URL


Performance test result:
Unit: seconds
file size: 3.3 MB
concurrent number
Flask 0.9 + gevent 1.0rc2 + gunicorn 0.17.2 + Nginx
(5 worker processes)
Nginx + Nginx upload module

As we expected, Nginx upload module which written in C, is about twice faster than pure python code while processing file uploading.


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