Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Screen unlock APK coming!

Since the blog "Crack android screen lock and "factory data reset" lock" is the 2nd HOT in my blog, so I put the APK here, as a tool for those who don't know programming. Do hope it can resolve your problem :P

# Special offer: Download the APK
some of you might not familiar with programming, or Android SDK, just download the APK below, follow the instructions to enter your phone again.

#1, Plug in your phone to your PC/MAC

#2, run command to install the APK, then start it
 adb install crack_screenlock.apk
 adb shell am start -n com.test.adm/.UnlockerActivity

#3, you will see the screen lock disappeared. If you will do a lot of operations , you'd better change the screen timeout to a bigger value. Otherwise, you might see the screen lock again..
#4, Make a factory reset, just click the "Reset this phone" button. System will ask you to assign some power to the application. Click "Activate".

#5, After you click "Activate", screen will show "Power off", then phone will run the reset program.

If anything didn't work properly, write comment below.


  1. Hi FeiFan
    I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 android 4 phone. I installed and activated a non English keyboard in my phone. Now I can not enter my English Screen password using this keyboard as it does not have English alphabets. It does not have an option to switch back to English keyboard from keyboard itself. that is only possible from the settings. I think the USB debug is not on this device. I do not understand properly the comand prompt installation instruction you have posted. Can you help me please? Is it possible to bypass the screen lock on my phone just once that I go and change it? I desperately need help. Thanks. Alex

    1. Oops, USB debug is not turned on >.<
      Where did you download and installed the non-English keyboard?
      If you downloaded from Google play, I think you can check out all apps you installed by this link: https://play.google.com/apps. Find the non-English apk, uninstall it from the web page. Google will remove the App over the air.

  2. It is called Persian soft keyboard from the below site.

    I tried to install your apk as instructed but the computer says the device is not connected while windows detect the device.

    I am so desperate to get through this without having to hard reset my phone.


    1. Are you in hurry? I can try that for you.

    2. Do you have an email? I have some questions.

  3. My email is: aaarrr2012gmail.com. Feel free to ask me as many questions as you like. But please help me with this as I don't want to lose my data. It has the latest android OS. It is not rooted. My PC does detect it but can not install or transfer data from it. How should I know if USB debug is on or off? What ever the case it is still with the factory settings in that area. I remember installation from unknown source is enabled. Alex

  4. USB debug is unable. How to unlock the phone?

  5. i know my pattern lock..but it asks for username and password...i flashed antilock.zip but it says aborted...i dont have pc...pls help me...my email-soorajmessi.10@gmail.com