Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hadoop Eclipse plugin for CDH3 u3

There's a general Hadoop Eclipse plugin ( But it's built against Apache Hadoop, and it's incompatible with CDH3 cluster.

On a CDH3 installed machine, we can find some additional tools and libraries under folder "/usr/lib/hadoop/contrib", they were built from source code under HADOOP_PKG/src/contrib. And the Eclipse plugin source code is also there, it was just not compiled.

Build your CDH3 Eclipse plugin yourself
(under ubuntu x32 Desktop)
1, Download Hadoop package from Cloudera (

2, Install compile tools:
a) Eclipse: I failed compile with the Eclipse which installed from Ubuntu software center, so, please download eclipse from Eclipse Indigo 3.7.2:
b) apt-get install maven2

3, compile Hadoop

4, compile Eclipse Plugin
we need to point out Eclipse position, because some jar files under ${eclipse.home}/plugins will be used during the compiling.
  cd HADOOP_PKG/src/contrib/eclipse-plugin
  ant -Declipse.home=XXXX -Dversion=0.20.2-cdh3u3 jar

If everything is OK, the final eclipse plugin jar will generated under HADOOP_PKG/build/contrib/eclipse-plugin/

Work with Eclipse
1, install the plugin
put the plugin jar under <Eclipse_ROOT>/plugins

2, basic configuration 
Fill out your Hadoop installation directory in "Window" > "Preferences" > "Hadoop Map/Reduce"
Eclipse will load some Hadoop libraries when writing a Map/Reduce  project.

3, add a CDH3 cluster information
In "Map/Reduce Locations" window, add "New Hadoop location...", fill the cluster information.

4, A problem u MUST meet :(
After you add the M/R location, you can click the "DFS Locations"  in "Project Explorer" to browse HDFS. Unfortunately, you must see the error dialog telling you about connecting error.

"An internal error occurred during: "Connecting to DFS vm".

That's because the eclipse plugin can not find the guava jar.
Fix it: merge guava jar to eclipse plugin jar.
find out the "guava-r09-jarjar.jar" under HADOOP_PKG/lib, copy content inside (folder "org/") to <plugin_jar>/classes/.
You should see 2 folder "eclipse" & "thirdparty" under <plugin_jar>/classes/org/apache/hadoop/.
Put the fixed plugin jar file back to <Eclipse_ROOT>/plugins. You should be able to browse HDFS from "DFS Locations" now.

* MAKE SURE DO NOT DESTROY THE JAR STRUCTURE WHILE MERGING THEM. If you're using an archive tool, such as "File Roller" in Ubuntu, just drag  the "org" to folder /classes/ in GUI.

5, problems u might meet
a) No "Map/Reduce Project" choice in "New Project" wizard.
  the plugin jar works only with the specified version that compiled with. If you copy the plugin jar to another version eclipse, that might not work.


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