Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Debug GAE application with PTVS

PTVS(python tools for Visual Studio) is a python plugin for Visual studio (like PyDev for Eclipse)

GAE local debug starts from <> which located in GAE installation path. dev_appserver command line document is here:

After write GAE code in VS, we prefer trigger it from VS, that make VS as an integrated environment  as it should be.

1, configure debug command:

startup file should be <>


argument indicated port and project position



2, press F5, let it go…

you’ll meet a lot of exception, it seems some problems in module loader. Anyway, it’s not exception from our code.


3, add this exception in ignore list.

open menu <Debug> <Exceptions…>

add the exception name “google.appengine.dist.py_zipimport.ZipImportError” under Python Exceptions, and uncheck the “User-unhandled” checkbox.


4, OK, you can take off now!

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