Monday, July 25, 2011

Replace hard disk in X220 with Intel X25-M SSD

I’m using a T61 since 2007, that cost me 13000RMB(2000$). Though it still works fine after I insert a SSD inside, but the CPU fan started to make uncomfortable noises half year ago. I’m sensitive to noise, So, I purchased a ThinkPad X220 5 days ago. the machine is excellent except the 16:9 screen… whatever, my favorite red track point is there Smile with tongue out

The X220 come with a Seagate 350GB 7200rpm hard disk, almost silent when it works, but R/W performance can not match to my SSD of course *_*

I start to disassemble my new X220. I was shocked that the Seagate hard disk inside is so thin, it’s a 7mm hard disk! I never seen this model before. And in my memory, my Intel X25-M is in a standard size that fit for all laptops, 2.5’’. OMG…

I disassembled my T61 with despair. but after I  pull it out, I found there’s a washer above the SSD. I tried to remove it. the thickness of SSD decreased to 7mm, seems nice hah, but the screw is too long to put back without the washer… finally I gave it , because there’s a rubber ring to encase entire SSD, protect against it fall to pieces.

After replaced with my SSD, here’s the windows 7 experience score Smile. I can use it in the following 5 years at least~~


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